Forex and Offshore Investment for South Africans, Financial Emigration

In spite of South Africa relaxing its foreign exchange controls over the years, many individuals and investors still think forex and offshore investment are for the well-heeled. Join me Uncle Kevin and Kuda Kamushinda of Currencies Direct, as we unpack the foreign exchange regulations, the steps for opening a forex account, and investing offshore.

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0:00 Introduction

3:38 Introducing Currencies Direct

8:00 Better forex rates

12:06 Forex regulations for Individuals in South Africa

18:30 Forex regulations for non-residents in South Africa

22:42 Financial emigration

34:43 Scam alerts

42:40 Can an individual with foreign passport open a forex account

43:21 Do you need an income tax number to open a forex account

46:06 Can a company make a foreign investment

48:44 How do your forex rates and fees compare to banks?

50:03 Can you help me bring money into South Africa

54:45 Steps for opening a forex account

1:00:20 Offshore Investment

1:02:20 South Africa on FATF grey list?

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