Permanent Residence

A PR visa, or Permanent Resident Visa, allows you to travel to a nation, stay for a period of time, and then seek for citizenship. In some countries, obtaining a PR visa eventually leads to citizenship.

PR visa gives them a sense of security during their stay and provides them with perks that they would not have if they were on a temporary visa.

Except for the right to vote, take a political position, or hold critical government positions, a PR visa holder will have most of the benefits that a citizen of the country has.

Benefits of permanent residency

Permanent residency, often known as a PR visa, enables you to live, work, and study in any region of the country, as well as create a business. You will be eligible for social security, healthcare, and financial benefits.

You will have access to better-paying jobs, tax breaks, and compensation in the event of an illness. Employers favor people having a PR visa, therefore if you have an Australian PR, you have a better chance of finding a job in Australia. If you have a permanent resident visa in Canada, you will have access to career opportunities in fast-growing industries. You’ll get tax breaks like everyone else and be covered by workers’ compensation in the event of an accident.

In Australia, financial incentives for PR visa holders include the ability to buy a home and access to student loans if you choose to study at any of the country’s universities.

In terms of healthcare, PR visa holders in Australia have access to the government-run Medicare program. This gives free treatment at public hospitals as well as subsidized medical services and treatment prices.

Permanent residents and their families in Canada have access to the country’s world-class public healthcare system.

With a PR visa, you can bring your family, including your parents, to the nation. A PR visa entitles your children to free schooling.

The following countries currently offer migration:











There are various types of permanent residence that one can apply for depending on the country:

Permanent Residence based on a 5 Year Work Visa –
You can qualify for Permanent residency if you have been on a valid 5 Year work visa

Permanent Residence based on Extra Ordinary Skills –
You can qualify for Permanent residency based on your skills and Qualifications and that you meet with the current Critical skills criteria

Permanent Residence based on SAC Citizen or Permanent Resident –
Spouse – You can qualify for a Permanent residence visa based on your South African spouse. You will need to be married or in a Permanent spousal relationship for 5 years

Parent – Whether you a major or minor child, you qualify for Permanent residency based on your parents

Permanent Residence based on Retired Person –
You can qualify for Permanent residency due to retirement, one of the main requirements will be to show that you have a pension fund

Permanent Residence based on a Financial Independent –
You can apply for Permanent residence if you can prove that you have the sum combined of R12 000 000.00 in assets or capital.

Permanent Residence based on Business –
You can qualify for Permanent residency based on your current Business in South Africa

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